Interview: AMC Q&A with Steven Yeun

TWD Interview

Q: What do you do to get yourself in shape for the show every season?

A: Norman and Andy and I have a lot of discussions about this. We do have to be strong enough to pull off what we’re asked as actors to do. But then also, we want to make it realistic, in that we don’t want these guys to be jacked or anything like that. I just try to stay relatively healthy. But when it comes to gearing up for the new season, we even had discussions about taking a one week camping trip to get disheveled and disgusting. It’s interesting, because once we start shooting we actually start getting skinnier and more malnutritioned and gaunt as we go. The first and second season, Jon Bernthal got me into boxing, and that’s been good to just get strong without making you look like you’re ‘roiding out


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Video: Jimmy Kimmel Live HD

Steven Yeun on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Sorry about being late with this, I’m actually turning this website over to Faith from Norman Reedus Web while I take a much needed rest to recoup. Thank you guys a ton for understanding!



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Video: Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang


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Photos: Paleyfest

Paley Fest

Thanks to Norman Reedus Web for these! Steven and Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick at Paleyfest:

March 01, 2013 – The Walking Dead at Paleyfest

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Photos: Grammy Pre-Party

Grammy Pre-Party

5 great photos of Steven that I didn’t have in the gallery, thanks to Faith from Norman Reedus Web!!

February 08, 2013 – Grammy Pre-Party

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Screencaptures: TVD ‘Made to Suffer’ & ‘The Suicide King’ HD + Steven on The Talking Dead

The Suicide King

Just flying by to post caps from Made to Suffer and The Suicide King, the last two episodes of The Walking Dead as well as a video of Steven on The Talking Dead after the show this week with one of my favorite writer/director’s, Kevin Smith!

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Photos: An Evening with The Walking Dead

An Evening with The Walking Dead

A few new photos from the day before yesterday from An Evening with The Walking Dead:

February 05, 2013 – The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Presents An Evening with ‘The Walking Dead’

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Photos: 13th Annual AFI Awards

13th Annual AFI Awards

Just added a few HQ and MQ photos of the cast of The Walking Dead at the 13th Annual AFI Awards last month.

January 11, 2013 – 13th Annual AFI Awards

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Photos: Spike TV Video Game Awards + Event Catch-Up

Video Game Awards

Great big thanks goes to Faith for grabbing these for me! Spike TV’s VGA, plus some October events I had missed:

October 04, 2012 – The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere

October, 22 2012 – The Paley Center for Media’s Annual Los Angeles Benefit

December 07, 2012 – Spike TV’s 10th Annual Video Game Awards

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Interview: TWD Season 3 AMC Interview (SPOILERS)

AMC Interview

This interview contains The Walking Dead episode 7 spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it yet, please be aware of that!


Q: Melissa McBride (Carol) talked about how the prison offered some comfort from the Georgia heat. Did that make it difficult to look like a survivor of a zombie apocalypse?

A: Being outside in the heat is always nice when you’re trying to look miserable, but air conditioning is always good. You have to sit there and readjust to the surroundings, but somehow the set crew designed the inside of the prison to be just as disgusting as the outside. I don’t know what they did, but it sucked in there too.

Q: In the moment when Glenn and Maggie get taken prisoner by Merle in Season 3 Episode 6, “Hounded,” were you hoping they’d be able to get away?

A: I think they made a mistake in that moment and let their guard down. That’s what happens when you have love in the apocalypse! The stakes aren’t as high in the real world — if you were to go shopping for baby formula, I don’t think someone would come up to you and steal your girlfriend. But in that situation, it’s almost terrible to have that attachment.


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